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  • Saturday, February 16, 2008

    I'm sick. Therefore, I meme.

    Why is it that I am developing this habit of getting sick over long weekends? This time, it's a headcold with sinus puffiness and achy muscles. No stomach eruptions. Thank gawd.

    And so rather than subject everyone to my whining because I am getting sick, I'll meme. This one courtesy Harmless Error.

    Here goes...

    The Rules: Pick one past posting about each of the following:

    Something you love.
    Something you choose.

    1. Family: Well, I could kvetch about what a pain my grandmother can be or why I am concerned that my future in-laws are treating SM unfairly... or I could remind everyone what a fantastic little nephew I have. He's always the light of every gathering, and his antics are so amusing. Stay tuned for another dozen or so years to see if this is just a fad or who he really is inside.

    2. Friends: This post is about friends in a peripheral way. My friends have helped me to amass this collection. And frankly, I consider these faces to be my friends. I could post about book club or other friends, but there aren't any pretty pictures to look at. So you get masks instead.

    3. Me: My vanity in being the only person in the world with my name was toppled with a recent google search that found another (but I'm the original!). But really, I should post about how I've lost basically 30 lbs. since the end of September. 'Cuz that's pretty darn cool.

    4. Something I love: So many choices. You pick (sorry, had to break the rules 'cuz I couldn't stick to just one).

    5. By Choice: Any edition of the Monday morning haiku. Because, as much as it's a Monday morning monkey on my back, they've been fun to write.

    I chose not to tag for this meme. I don't want to spread my germs. However, feel free to snag, absent the tag.

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