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  • Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Wedding planning update

    Well, it looks like we have our final list of folks to invite. I'm really, really hoping that some of my cousins who are getting the obligatory invitations don't bother to make the trip. Please don't! I need our "guestimate" of "yeses" to be accurate. Or else we're squished.

    I've also chosen and started to print the invitations. They aren't the ones I posted about, but a do-it-yourself kit bought at the store.

    I have to say, they're really lovely.

    Of course, they will be a lot of work to put together. They consist of a piece of handmade paper with purple petals in it, an overlay of vellum (on which we're printing in purple) and a ribbon to keep them together. We actually bought a color laserjet printer for the invitations. We figured it would be cheaper to buy the printer than to pay for them to be printed (even online).

    The biggest news though is that the person we asked to be the officiant has agreed. That means we are definitely getting hitched in DC. Because the man who will be dishing out our "I dos" is a member of Congress. And we have to work with his schedule.

    Definitely much more fitting for us to be hitched by a member of Congress than a member of the clergy. A judge or justice of the peace would have been good, too.

    And, I go for my first fitting on Saturday. I have been trying to find the right bra to wear -- one that fits, sucks in my gut but doesn't have straps that will be visible -- and let me tell you, it's a nightmare. NIGHTMARE. Little boobs definitely have their advantages. I wouldn't have to worry about this if I were a little boobed gal. But I'm not.

    Oh well.

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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