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  • Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    Random other tidbits

    1. I got jabbed again for blood this morning. No call as of yet from the doctor telling me I have some mortal disease. Fingers crossed that it's just the result of a viral infection.

    2. Bought a bunch of Old Navy pants and skirts online (uber cheap!) in a size 8. They all fit fine. The skirts may even be a tad large. Yippee! (Okay, I know that Old Navy engages in vanity-sizing, but I'm ignoring that fact right now... let me live my life of delusion for just another day.)

    3. Super Tuesday. Wow, already? I support Hillary Clinton. I have my reasons. It will be interesting to see the outcome of today's voting...

    4. I'm going to LA this weekend, but not for the ABA meeting. Too bad.

    That's my random other tidbits. For now.

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