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  • Monday, February 04, 2008

    That's what I get for going to the doctor!

    I get a call from her, telling me that my blood work was abnormal. And she wants me to get more tests immediately. Tomorrow morning at the latest.

    Okay, tomorrow morning it is.

    Seems I have a low platelet count. "Normal" is about 150. Me? 36. Um, yeah, that's pretty low.

    I asked her what the implications of this count are and what might explain it -- and her answer included malaises ranging from leukemia (yikes, scary!) to a viral infection (not scary) to a mistake in the test (just plain annoying).

    I'll take the mistake option, thank you.

    Actually, I'm not at all worried, but SM is completely freaking out. I figure, why worry until there is something concrete, rather than imagined, to worry about. SM, of course, googled it and came away with all sorts of scary and incomplete information.

    See? That's what I get for going to the doctor! I feel fine and perfectly healthy... until the doctor told me (potentially) otherwise.

    Clearly, doctors make you sick. Better not to go. (KIDDING)

    I'm such a guy that way.

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