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  • Sunday, September 09, 2007

    Things I never finish

    And by that, I mean things that tend to get lost -- or "expire" -- before I use them up.

    1. Lipstick, lip balm, chapstick, etc. Until a coupla' years ago, I had never actually finished a tube of lipstick, despite having first started wearing the stuff in high school. I usually lost them or lost interested in them. Because I won't spend a lotta $$ on make-up, I often end up with colors that I like for a while and then never wear again or they are of such crappy quality that they just don't look good on. I think now, cumulatively, I've actually finished two tubes without first losing them. 2 in 23 or so years.

    2. Highlighters. Until law school, they always, always dried up before I used them up. That changed dramatically with law school. Regular pens too.

    3. White-out. Ditto above. I think I used up my first "pen" of white-out (new design, you squeeze it out of a pen, rather than paint it from a pot) in law school.

    4. Super glue. They always dry up or get glued shut after the first or second use. I think the tube/dispenser is designed poorly... or not? Maybe it's actually smart manufacturing. I do have to buy a new tube every time I want to use it, which increases their sales, so...

    5. Regular glue. Nope, don't think I've ever used up a bottle of that white stuff. Not even in my crafty younger days (including elementary school).

    6. Vitamins. I don't think I have ever in my life finished a bottle of vitamins (oh, that reminds me... haven't taken one today yet). I get on a healthy kick every once in a while and then, like so many other things in my life, slack off and eventually stop completely.

    7. Nail polish. I just don't wear it enough. And to the extent I do wear it, I get pedicures at a salon and use theirs. I never do my own nails. I don't know why I even have polish.

    8. Minutes on my cell phone. Maybe in the past, I have once or twice exceeded the minutes on my plan. However, I now have a roll-over plan that carries over my unused minutes each month. I don't think I'll ever use up all of my minutes, especially if we switch SM's provider to mine (which means all of our minutes to each other are free).

    I could also add "produce" to this list. We are chronic about letting good food go bad. Such a waste. But we are getting better about it too -- and we don't always let it go bad (just more often than I'd like), so I didn't include it on the list.

    I should do another list later of things I re-use. Not merely recycle (as in, put in the bin for recycling), but use more than once or find a second life for. I'm pretty creative that way. Unfortunately, the by-product of this "creativity" is piles of junk that I don't throw away because I know I'll eventually "need" something.

    Yeah, SM laughs at me about that too. And then shakes his head and lets me be.

    UPDATE: I thought about it, and I realized I have never, ever finished any kind of make-up other than aforementioned 2 tubes of lipstick... and once, a compact of cornsilk face powder. So add maybe I should change #1 to "make-up in general".


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