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  • Sunday, September 09, 2007

    Legal movies

    One of the things I remember thinking I should do when I first started law school was to go rent a bunch of movies about law school... ya' know, The Paper Chase? Legally Blonde... (both of which featured Harvard -- what gives?)

    Well, I have now done the law school thing, the big firm thing, the little firm thing and the public sector thing. So when I noticed that The Firm was on TV, well, I had to watch it just for fun (similarly, I was compelled to yell "freak" at Tom Cruise several times during the movie).

    And it was fun. Both activities.

    And completely unbelievable on some many levels. I kept scoffing and talking back to the television. It's a wonder that SM stayed in the room with me.

    I mean, really. I know he's supposed to be a Harvard grad (are there any movies out there featuring Georgetown Law grads? If you know of any, do tell!). I know it's supposed to be a top firm (in Tennessee? c'mon...! that's the first bit where I have to suspend my disbelief). But the office he gets? Looks like something a managing partner would have. Being flown on the firm's private jet for a tax seminar? And he hasn't even passed the bar yet? Maybe that's the difference between a Harvard law degree and one from GULC. Maybe, but I don't think so. Yeah, right.

    That's the difference between reality and Hollywood.

    Sp this is another thing that law school has ruined for me: movies and shows which rely on legal premises or some aspect of the legal profession. Now, I may not know a lot about criminal law or corporate law, but law school has given me just enough to know when it's wrong, wrong, wrong. And of course, I am compelled to yell at the TV when they f#ck it up. 'Cuz I am compulsive that way. (Aren't all people who survived law school? No? Just me? Oh, never mind, then...)

    I'm ruining some of those TV shows for SM, I think. Grunts, condescending comments and generally talking back to the TV isn't conducive to anyone settling in for a good veg out in front of the tube.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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