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  • Saturday, September 08, 2007

    I've stayed away from commenting on the Larry Craig story

    but I just can't resist saying this one thing: Larry gives a whole new meaning to "Idaho".

    Or how about, "Larry is just living up to the textualist tradition and taking the plain interpretation of the word as written."

    Or "He's doing his best to embody and represent his home state."

    I could keep going...

    When I conveyed my little pun to SM, he smiled and said, "I'm sure the name comes from some noble Native American word." (SM can be so understated that way... or maybe he just wanted to get back to reading Harry Potter.)

    So as to not to inadvertantly besmirch a noble Native American word (as opposed to definitely besmirching -- and smirking at -- an ignoble senator from the state), I looked up the meaning in Wikipedia (Idaho, not Craig), which said:
    Idaho is the only state that was likely named as the result of a hoax (the so called "Idahoax"). In the early 1860s, when the United States Congress was considering organizing a new territory in the Rocky Mountains, eccentric lobbyist George M. Willing suggested the name "Idaho," which he claimed was derived from a Shoshone language term meaning "the sun comes from the mountains" or "gem of the mountains." Willing later claimed that he had made up the name himself[5][6].
    Turns out I'm not besmirching a noble tradition of anything, other than a noble tradition of talking out of one's ass. Click on the link above for the rest of the explanation.

    I don't know which is better.. Idahoax or just I. da. ho.?

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