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  • Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Hosting book club on Thursday

    Uh-oh. That means I gotta clean.


    Since we have already opened our house to hoardes of friends and family*, I don't have too too much to do. Okay, well, we do need to clear off the dining room table and vacuum and clean the kitchen and bathroom and clear out all of the clutter and empty boxes in the livingroom and de-Gidgetize the smell of the place... Okay, I do have a lot to do. But SM is so good at just doing this stuff (as opposed to me, who frets over it, getting my panties in a twist and then -- and only then -- does something about it), that I know we'll get it all done.

    Even if we had to turn down an invitation to brats on the grill and baseball tomorrow.

    But that's okay. I don't eat red meat anyway.

    Our house is a small one and probably one of the least expensive and expansive of those in the book group (including the woman who lives in two storey apartment/condo/part of a brownstone). It's definitely down-market compared to the abodes of most of the others. I'm not too worried about that, except that one member of our group recently bought a place with her husband -- and when I zillowed her address, I found out that its estimated market value is $1.6 million. Only married a year. Their first home... one might even say their "starter" home?


    It helps that her husband is a partner at a major, MAJOR firm. He's also a year younger than I am. And she's something like 33.


    No, no feelings of inadequacy here. Not me.

    Yeah, right.

    I guess that's what I get for forming a bookclub comprised almost entirely of lawyers.

    *and more relevantly -- since my standards of cleanliness and tidiness aren't really very high

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