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  • Friday, August 31, 2007

    "Take your daughter to work" day

    As most of you know, SM works on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress. Well, Congress is in recess, so SM decided to take our daughter to work today. Apparently, it is quite common for folks who work on the Hill -- and not just the electeds, but their staffers too -- to bring pets (dogs) of all sizes in with them for the day.

    I can't imagine any other federal office where that would be okay, but it sounds like it's a relatively common occurrence when Congress is out. No one blinked when SM brought her through security.

    So here for your amusement, may I present Gidget, sporting a jersey from her favorite football team!

    Awwww, ain't she cute? And if it looks like she's getting tubby, that's because she is. As are her parents.


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