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  • Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Proud to be an American but ashamed of some fellow Americans

    When I was channel surfing earlier this evening, I saw a bit on the local news (and then saw it on other channels too) about a group of high school students who, while waiting for their school bus at the bus stop, were robbed. At gunpoint.

    That makes me so angry. So angry. And ashamed.

    How did we as a society let things devolve to this? What parents raised their kids without any morals or integrity such that they would consider it acceptable to make a few bucks by terrorizing anyone at gunpoint, let alone kids on their way to school? Not that this is relevant, but what could they have possible gotten from these kids? A few iPods or cell phones? I can't imagine that they had much cash, especially given where this took place. And now these kids will forever have the memory of being threatened with a gun. Pointed at them. Good god.

    And I also saw a piece on the news this morning about someone who dropped a bowling ball from a bridge onto a truck passing underneath.

    What the fuck???

    The only reason someone does something like that is to hurt, maim or murder someone. This cannot be an accident. What kind of person does this? How do people get so mean?

    I am completely at a loss. It makes me angry. And sad. And frustrated. How did we get to this place?

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