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  • Monday, August 04, 2008

    Things to do this week...

    Dinner with SM for his birthday
    Color hair
    Send info to DJ about program for Sunday

    Confirm menu with restaurant for Friday
    Confirm driver and itinerary for Friday
    Pick up Fat Tire from friend’s house and deliver to mom’s
    Go to dad’s to pick up bags, water, etc. for hotel gift bags
    Tanning session
    Print out final RSVP list for Sunday and give to sister
    Print out labels for candy, put on candy

    Dress fitting
    Print labels for water bottles
    Put together hotel gift bags (water, fans, maps, restaurant guides, etc.)
    Print place cards for Friday
    Gather favors for Friday (fans, place cards)
    Find guest book for Friday!

    Thursday (taking day off):
    Drop-off hotel gift bags at hotel
    Pick-up dress from dressmaker
    Put together gift bags for Sunday (candy, cookie, bells, card) at dad’s
    Drop off Friday favors and guest book at dad’s
    Give presents to sisters, mothers, etc.
    Pick-up pin from mom
    Tanning session
    Whiten teeth?

    Hair, makeup, etc. appointment
    Have SM pick up my flowers, his boutonniere
    Present for SM
    Make sure Gidget has water, etc. to get through the night
    Check into Hay-Adams and drop off suitcase
    Take pictures at Hillwood Estate, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol and other iconic DC spots
    Go to restaurant and get hitched!

    Remember to bring: marriage license, RINGS, cell phone, camera, work ID, suitcase with change of clothes, wallet/keys, cake knife/server, touch-up make-up, hairspray…

    Now, what am I forgetting???


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