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  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Who does that?

    Today, I considered making coffee at the office, so I went to check to see if the milk I had bought last week was still there. Ya' see, we have a Nazi refrigerator-cleaner-outer person. After my engagement party at work last month, the Nazi actually threw away the left-over cake, even though it was clearly marked and in a plastic container.


    So, it was with good reason that I looked for my little carton o' milk (ya' know, the cup size, like you used to buy in elementary school for lunch?). And it was still there.

    But get this, it was opened. Not by me. But by some milk-stealing, ballsy enough to open someone else's carton rotten scoundrel of a fink.

    I mean, who does that? Stealing a bit from an open container is one thing (which I have been known to do), but opening a new carton and helping yourself?

    I tell ya'...


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