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  • Monday, July 28, 2008

    Veepstakes update: Is Kaine able?

    The WP says Kaine is the frontrunner in the Obama veepstakes.

    SM and I agree that he's probably top of Obama's short-list. I personally think Kaine is pretty boring, but whatever. The article also says that Bayh and Biden are on the short-list. That may be true, but I don't think Obama will pick a sitting senator in a state with a republican governor. Obama is looking to govern, and he needs the Senate heavily tilted left to do that.

    I still think Obama is looking to make the non-conventional (no pun intended!) choice. Kaine is sort non-obvious. Now Webb would have been obvious and conventional. Ditto Bayh and Biden. Obama may still be thinking outside the box and surprise us all. Heck, if he chose Clinton, that would surprise me.

    So, we'll see. SM thinks he announce before the Oympics start because he doesn't want the story to get washed away with the synchronized swimming and whatnot. So that means he'll announce in a week or so.

    Ahh, Washington armchair quarterbacking at its best! Fun stuff!


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