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  • Monday, August 04, 2008

    Happy Birthday SM!

    Today is SM's birthday. He's 39. Yup, I's gots me a younger man. With all of the fuss and prep and stuff for the wedding this Friday (yes, this Friday!), his birthday completely fell off my radar. Which is weird for me because I am all about birthdays.

    Good thing I shop all year round. I had his presents months ago. Good thing I asked him what he wanted to do when it was on my mind. I made a dinner reservation weeks ago. We're going here. We've eaten there before. SM loves it, and it's a bit of a splurge, especially given the spending we're facing down this week. But who cares... it's going to be de-lish!

    Since I know he isn't reading the blog these days (I told him not to). I can tell everyone else that for his birthday, I'm giving SM a Coach messenger bag that kinda looks like this, except the hardware is silver, not brass. And it's leather on the outside but much of the inside is nylon (not as heavy). I'm also giving him some Democrat cufflinks and a silk shirt.

    I like giving presents (I went totally overboard with the gift bags for my reception... oy vey) and am fighting the urge to give him my wedding gift today too. I. must. resist. For the wedding, I bought him another pair of cufflinks -- in the shape of the infinity symbol -- and a French cuff shirt to wear the day of. No, he doesn't usually wear cufflinks or French cuffs to work. For a man who usually has button-cuffs, he will have an inordinate number of cufflinks (because I gave him Red Sox ones for Christmas one year). But that's okay. I'm sure he'll have occasion to wear them all.

    So, even though he isn't reading this, I'm wishing my Sweet Man a happy birthday!

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