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  • Thursday, May 15, 2008

    I couldn't agree more.

    I have always believed that we as a country still accept sexism while reviling racism. Sexism is still the "soft" prejudice that we can get away with. We may eschew both -isms, but our collective actions and tolerance levels speak louder than words. Sexist jokes are funny but racist jokes are not. And I am also guilty of this, laughing at a joke based in sexism.

    But, as sad as I am that engaged in such behavior, I admit it. And won't make the mistake again. Permitting it is the same as promoting it. With that admission, I must agree with Marie Cocco's op-ed in the Post today. I have been disgusted, just disgusted at the blatant sexism that has not only been permitted in this campaign but also promoted by the media.


    If you don't like Hillary because of her politics or policy positions or her smarts or her perceived fakeness or even because of her religion, that's fine and fair -- so long as you are using the same standards to assess the other candidates. Judge the men on their politics, policy positions, smarts, sincerely and/or religion too.

    If, however, you don't like Hillary because you think she's a bitch or shrill or too ambitious or because she somehow let down women everywhere by not dumping Bill and her marriage during the Lewinsky scandal, then you are judging her against a prejudiced standard. Men can't be "bitches", and when is the last time you heard a man called out for being "too ambitious"? (And what exactly do those things have to do with being President anyway?) That's just sexist.

    And if you're okay with that, then fine. But at least admit it.


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