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  • Monday, May 05, 2008

    The ring is ready.

    I had my grandmother's band (the platinum one with the little diamonds) resized... well, I took it in at the end of January to a friend of my grandmother's who is a jeweler (yes, my grandmother essentially has her own personal jeweler -- that there tells you a whole lot about her) to have it resized.

    She told me it might take several weeks/a month to do, and I told her we weren't in any rush (back in January).

    But I never heard back from her.

    Being that it's May, I thought that maybe I should follow-up on this. So I called her last week. But I didn't hear back from her.

    I started having all sorts of horror stories run through my head -- that she lost it, etc. Ugh, I don't know who that would be the worst for -- me, my grandmother or the jeweler.

    Actually, I know my grandmother would be disappointed, but at this point in her widowhood, 44 years after my grandfather died, she still speaks unkindly of him. I'm thinking that she doesn't put much sentimental value in the ring.

    Me? I haven't had time to invest sentimental value in the ring, other than as an heirloom. But given my grandmother's loving memories of my grandfather (who died before I was born), well, I haven't invested too much sentiment in the ring. Heck, I haven't even worn it yet because my grandmother's finger was a size 5. HA! NOTHING on me is a size 5.

    So, I have to say, that if something had happened to the ring, I think the jeweler would have been the most devastated. After all, it is the ring of one of her old friends and long-term customers.

    But I finally did talk to her today, and yes, she has it. It's all done. I can pick it up any time this week.

    I'm actually pretty excited about getting it and trying it on with my rock. The two rings won't match at all, other than both of them being made from platinum. The designs are oh, so different, and they are different widths. But I'm sure they'll look okay together. After all, since when have I cared about anything matching?

    Next, SM's ring.

    He doesn't want a thick band. And most men's bands are quite thick. He wants something on the order of 4 mm, which is about half the width of most bands on the market.

    And I want him to incorporate the infinity design on the ring (ya' know, in keeping with the 8.8.8 thing). But he doesn't want anything too fancy or obvious or gaudy or noticeable.

    So, we're special-ordering his ring. It will fit all of our specifications, and kewl, it will be made of aerospace quality titanium, which is fun because SM's background is in aerospace engineering.

    Here is the ring -- but imagine it without the coloring in the etching (it will be plain) and in a narrow width.

    So, our rings will be vastly different. Originally, SM had wanted them to match, but I think it's better that we each have something that has meaning to us (other than because, duh, they're our wedding bands).

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