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  • Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    The Pudge Report

    Thankfully, my weight is headed back in the right direction this week (despite last night's chocolate pig out!). I'm now 16.5 TG, which is down a pound from last week. Still not below my lowest low (which was something like 14.5 TG, but, hey, it's progress).

    In other news, SM and I are working on wedding stuff. I had a fitting this past weekend, and the dress looks lovely. I wish I were thinner, but whatever. The shoes I had bought online go perfectly with the dress, despite my buying them completely separately. I had to get the shoes because the style is called "Infinity", which goes with our 08.08.08 infinity theme (ours, along with ever other couple getting hitched that day). But they do match perfectly, so I'm thrilled. And they are the right level of strappy, cute, summery, dressy shoe for the occasion. Yay.

    We also went to REI to work on our registry (one of many of our online registries). We wanted to go around the store to find stuff because you just can't do a registry without looking at and handling things. Well, I suppose you can, but it's less fun. So we went around with the zapper thingee (a scanner with enters the barcode of the merchandise into its memory, which can then be uploaded to the online registry). We spent about two hours wandering around the store, trying things on and zapping them into the do-hickey. It was a satisfying jaunt through the merchandise.

    Until we went to have our items uploaded to our registry.

    The do-hickey wouldn't connect, so they couldn't add our items. In fact, we left the store without knowing if our two hours were in vain. Even now, two days later, the items aren't up on the online registry, which has me nervous. I don't want to have to go back and do that all over again. What a pain. Grrr.

    The other issue that came up was about our invitations. I'm a DIY kinda gal, and I'm doing the invitations myself at home with a kit. I did the first box of invitations (50), almost all of which went to our families, and was going to start on the second box. When I went to open it, I noticed that they didn't match the first box. The SKU/item numbers were the same, but the invitations were distinctly different. So SM and I drove all over our neighborhood to three different Staples/Office Depot stores to find matching invitations. To no avail. They only had the second version, which is a light purple and more brown than the ones I chose. I was really actually pretty distraught. I wanted the ones I had chosen. Fortunately, I think I found the right ones online (not from the manufacturer, however -- they only had the other version), and I ordered them. We'll see what they look like when they arrive. And then SM also found a few boxes at a different Staples a few miles away. These are purportedly the same as the ones I chose, but in reality, the color is very different. But they are purple (just more of a blue purple than what I chose) rather than the imposters I had (which were more brown than purple). All of this is to say that I have a few options. The second and third batches of invitations won't be as pretty as the first -- because none of them match the first box -- but they'll do. I'm less distraught now, although I wish they all matched perfectly.

    And last but not least, I did meet with my stepmother and stepsister about organizing the reception. My stepsister, S, is designing the reception decorations. We discussed all sorts of options, and to be honest, she is much pickier about this than I am. I gave her some feedback but generally said to do whatever she wanted, within the budgetary constraints. I have started ordering favors for the reception, though, and boy is that fun! It's all going to add up to more than I could have expected though because little unanticipated expenses are popping up.... like chair covers. Apparently the chairs at the club are just hideous, so we need to rent chair covers. Ditto the silverware. Okay. I figure it's better to just drop the cash now and not worry about it. I'd rather have little niceties like that than notice how ugly the chairs are ('cuz you know I'd notice). So, we're working on the little things.

    The big things are still up in the air... like the cake, the DJ and what I'm going to wear for the reception (as opposed to the ceremony). D'oh! I had better get on it!

    Maybe the running around will help the weight to continue going in the right direction (that is, down!). But then again, cake tastings? I guess we'll see.

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