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  • Saturday, May 03, 2008

    Can I just say...?

    Both SM and I own property other than our house. I have a studio downtown, and he has a 3BR, 2BA place not far from here. We have both been renting them since we bought this house a year ago.

    Which means that our tenants' leases just came up for renewal.

    My tenant was, well, not a problem, but he definitely needed hand-holding. He literally did not know how to change the lightbulb in one fixture. Unreal. When I offered him a second year lease, he decided he didn't want it because his plans were up in the air but asked instead for a one-month extension. Which I gave him. Then he asked for a month-to-month tenancy through Thanksgiving. I said "No." The market for my apartment is largely students, and hell no was I going to agree to try and rent it right before the winter holidays. When I told him I couldn't offer him less than a year lease, he decided to sign for a year.

    Yeah, I know he'll still probably move out in the winter, but this way, he's on the hook for at least finding a suitable replacement or until the new year when it's more likely I'll find someone else.

    SM, on the hand, has three tenants. Two have been fine. One, however, is the biggest heinous bitch I've ever encountered in my entire life.

    Okay, maybe not the biggest, but she just might be. She has been demanding, rude, confrontational, threatening and all-together entirely unpleasant. She's one of those people whose life may be a decade shorter just because of all of the negative energy she spews. Bleh. Just dealing with her makes SM queasy (because he's so non-confrontational), and she pisses me off infinitely. We accepted her as the roommate to the person we knew (and liked). Boy, are we regretting that decision! I wish I could broadcast all over the internet what a truly horrible, nasty, awful bitch she is. I wish I could warn everyone out there not to ever deal with her, if possible.

    Alas, no.

    But, I'm sure she knows by now that if she ever puts SM down as a reference, SM will communicate why he would never ever rent to her again, if he had the option.

    The one thing that gives me glee is that she keeps trying to hit us over the head with stuff like "on the advise of counsel, I stipulate..." Yeah, whatever. You can stipulate whatever you want, but it means nothing. And it sure as hell doesn't scare us. We know what the code says, and we're right. You're wrong, heinous bitch and I can't wait to rub it in your face!

    Yes, she just has that effect on me.

    (Scooter, I know you've have horrible tenants -- can you give me a horror story or advice on how to deal with this awful woman?)

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