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  • Monday, May 12, 2008

    Well, hell.

    The Post Office is screwing with my life, again. Goddammit.

    Did you know that first class postage went up by one cent today? I sure as hell didn't.

    Okay, aside from the extra penny it will cost you to mail stuff, not such a big deal, right?

    Um, wrong. It is a big deal when you're in the middle of sending out wedding invitations to approximately one hundred and sixty guests.

    Okay (you're thinking). All you need to do is buy the one cent stamp to add to the envelope. No biggie.

    Um, yeah... if it were only that simple. What about all of those invitations that I've already sent with the response cards with now-the-wrong-return-postage? Do you think everyone is going to know to add a penny stamp?

    Oh yeah, there is that.

    And if not, will my friends and family be smart enough to put their return addresses on the reply card such that when there isn't enough postage, the card will be returned to them for the one penny more?

    I see your point.

    Or, is it more likely that all of those reply cards, without the proper postage, will end up in the dead letter file (for lack of a return address) or will (if I'm lucky) be delivered to me, postage due?

    You're screwed, man.

    So not only do I need to get more stamps for the invitations and reply cards that I still need to send (which isn't many), but now I'm gonna have to worry whether or not my friends and relatives are smart enough to add the extra postage to the reply.

    Yeah, not counting on that.


    The guvment is messin' wit' my weddin', yo!

    Yeah, you're definitely screwed.

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