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  • Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Wanted: Fat Tire

    As in the beer. I want it. Well, actually SM wants it. I want it for SM. For our wedding reception. It's his absolute favorite beer. I mean F-A-V-E, fave.

    Sadly for us and thousands of other Fat Tire fans, the New Belgium Brewery in Colorado does not distribute Fat Tire to the East Coast. We cannot get it. No how, no way. And we can't order it from the brewery directly. The closest state that sells is Illinois, a mere 12 hour drive from here. Other options include New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.


    Not very helpful.

    I want to buy many many cases of Fat Tire for SM for a surprise at the reception. Even though I have friends and contacts in the above states, I am thwarted by the cost of shipping (because beer is heavy, man!), as well as potential entanglements because of state alcohol laws regarding shipping. I am actually considering a 12-hour road trip just to buy beer.

    That's kinda funny. 40 years old and taking a 12-hour road trip just to buy beer. Heh.

    But I'm considering it so that I can get it for SM for the wedding. Because he loves it that much, and I want to surprise him. I don't know when I'll be able to do it though because I still have to actually plan the wedding. Maybe over the 4th of July weekend? Who knows.

    So, does anyone have any good suggestions for how to get Fat Tire to the East Coast? Or, anyone planning a road trip to DC or anywhere near DC (I'll meet you!) before August 9th and would like to fill their trunk with Fat Tire for me and my future hubby?

    Otherwise, we may have to serve a lesser beer at the reception. ::gasp!::

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