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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    The Pudge Report


    I'm -1.5 #s this week, which is a total of -22.5 lbs. or halfway to my total goal! (...assuming that I stick to my original goal, which, let's face it, I probably won't...)

    SM met his goal some time ago and is in the maintenance phase, which means he sometimes eats on the diet and sometimes not. But, given the convenience of the dinners (1 min., 30 secs. in the nukeanator machine), it's really easy to stay with the program. It won't be the food itself but the price of it which will eventually drive us away.

    Mom also joined the program last week because she saw how easily I lost the weight -- and because she, too, had hit her peak weight ever and was disgusted with herself. Her first week out, she lost 6 lbs., which is more than I ever lost in a single week. She feels great about it -- and that's why this program is fairly easy to maintain: the immediate results and the decent meal options.

    (I sound like a commercial for this diet, don't I?)

    After several months of dieting without exercise (bad!!!), my weight-loss has certainly slowed, but it hasn't halted. Which means that I remain motivated. I recognize that I do need to step up and out and exercise to maintain my shrinkage. But all things considered, I'm pretty happy about how it's going, and all is well here.


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