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  • Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Avenue Q

    If you have the opportunity, go see it! It's touring nationally right now, and SM and I saw it on Thursday night here in DC. What a scream. But not for the faint of heart or the tender-eared. It has lots of explicit language, sexual references and adult themes... as performed by puppets, so you know it has to be fun.

    So much fun! Especially if you grew up watching Sesame Street (so you'll get the referential humor).

    Favorite pieces included "The internet is for p0rn" and "We're all a little bit racist". (You can find bootleg videos of many of these pieces uploaded on youtube, but I'm not going to link to anything because they are clearly illegal recordings made from the audience in the theater.)

    I guess that tells you something about my sense of humor.

    Avenue Q -- go see it if you have the chance (and you think you'd enjoy a song and dance number about the internet being for p0rn, as performed by puppets).

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