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  • Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    So sad

    We dropped Gidget off with my sister for the long weekend. Now, I know that Gidget is in great hands. I know that my sister thinks Gidget is a great dog (and she's right, of course!) and will take good care of her. Gidget has been to the house before, so it's more adventure than stress being there.

    I know all of these things. But it's also the first time for us to drop her off for care elsewhere. The other two weekends we were away, my sister stayed at our house and dog-watched. So this is new for Gidget, and, of course, when we left -- and left her behind -- she gave us the sad eyes.

    So. very. sad.

    And now I miss her. Because evenings are when we cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV or snooze or whatever. She's our little hot water bottle. She keeps us warm. Her favorite spot is wedged between me lying down and the cushions at the back. She'll often rest her head on my leg or my side, curled up next to me.

    Our little girl.

    She's only a dog, but still...

    I can't imagine what a mush-head I'd be if I were to have a baby.

    Oh my.


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