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  • Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Pictures of snow and ice

    It snowed the day we arrived (::groan:: don't ask), so there was snow on the ground the entire time we were there. It was gorgeous. Made for very picturesque sight-seeing... and limited our outdoor explorations to short trips. We went from 70-degree (20 for you celcians) weather in DC, which was weirdly warm, to below freezing in Quebec. It was a rough transition for us, although we did have the proper clothes, shoes, etc. But because it was so cold, we didn't do as much exploring as we might have otherwise. Glad we were staying is a nice hotel...

    Now, I have to say that none -- NONE -- of these pictures do their subjects justice. Everything is so much more brilliant and gorgeous and wonderful than can be captured on camera.

    But with that disclaimer, here's the snow and ice scenes from Quebec City!

    The snow! Just an average doorway in the Old City... but I thought it was lovely.

    The Chateau Frontenac and the wall, as seen from the lower city.

    The funicular (cable car) that goes up the hill between the lower city and the Old City.

    Rue du Petit-Champlain, the main street in the lower city and purportedly the oldest shopping district in North America. Doesn't it look like something out of a Christmas card?

    And, yeah, the ice. I am cheating here. I did get this hunk of ice in Quebec, but this picture was taken in our family room at home earlier tonight.
    (Sorry, we couldn't do better with the focus. It's definitely much more sparkly and shiny in person... and I'm still not used to it!)

    More details about the actual trip another time. Off to eat dinner!

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