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  • Monday, December 10, 2007

    Monday morning haiku

    Saturday mayhem:
    scrub, clean, dust, vacuum the house.
    How long will it last?

    Yes, my friend arrived safely and soundly on Saturday evening. Our house was mostly prepared; fortunately, they were too tired -- and too happy to see us -- to notice. Hopefully, the house won't immediately disintegrate to chaos and disorder. If it does, I'm to blame.

    We had a crammed weekend. Cleaning Friday and Saturday. We took some time out in the middle of the day to drive around the beltway into Virginia to a mochitsuki... well, it's not a party, perhaps an event? We ate well and then drove back home to clean some more.

    We then drive around the beltway again to pick up A and her boyfriend, K, at Dulles airport. We brought them back, chatted for a few hours and then hit the sack, only to wake up early on Sunday to take them back to catch their flight to Ethiopia via Rome.

    After dropping them off, we came home and showered and relaxed. Then we once again drove around the beltway to Virginia for a latka pancake brunch with SM's former roomate and his wife. I ate too much heavy food. I didn't eat a lot of food, but what I ate was sooooooooo rich that my stomach almost immediately rebelled. I hadn't had a piece of candy in... I don't know how long, and the one I had, I enjoyed it. For about thirty seconds as I ate it. But almost as soon as it hit my stomach, I was in for a world of hurt.

    I guess my gut has adjusted to this diet, and rich foods just don't agree with me anymore. That's good... and bad, but mostly good.

    After that, we went to visit my grandmother, who is in a rehab center. Over Thanksgiving, she fell and broke a few ribs and her shoulder. She's almost 93, so we were glad it wasn't a mortal injury. She really could have hurt herself much worse. So we brought her some traditional Japanese food from the mochitsuki and chatted a while. Then we drove to my dad's place to drop off the car (we had borrowed one of his to pick up my friend from the airport since mine seats about 2-1/2 people and no luggage). Then we went home and vegged.

    It was a long-ass weekend. I was pooped. We drove around the beltway to various places in Virginia 4 times for about 300 miles in 24 hours. Bleh. Thankfully, we never encountered traffic, but still, bleh.

    But, at least the Patriots won handily despite predictions to the contrary. So, all is well in the SS/SM/Gidget household.

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