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  • Monday, October 08, 2007

    Monday morning haiku?

    I have today off,
    and I slept through the morning.
    Forgot to haiku!

    Well, I didn't quite sleep until noon, but I definitely slept in. And forgot that it's Monday. More like a Sunday +1. But without sports on TV.

    As a federal employee, I have today off. Yay! Happy Columbus Day all (or as a friend of mine used to say "Happy Oppress the Indigenous Peoples Day" -- whatever your politics, I'm just glad I'm not at the office). So I am taking it easy... except that SM and I are working on the house. But working at a "we'll get done what we get done" pace rather than an "omigawd, we absolutely need to finish this, this and this before we go to bed tonight... shit, shit, shit" pace. No pressure, no stress. It's all good.

    Also, not too much to write about, other than the AIDS walk on Saturday (which was largely uneventful).

    I was thinking about adding a new feature, snagged from Nell at Meanwhile... called "Soap Opera Sunday", but I'm afraid, one, that I'll forget to do it (keeping up with "Monday Morning Haiku" is tough enough, and that only involves 17 syllables!), and two, that I won't have anything interesting to write. I dunno. Am I up to it?

    BTW, if you like reading the rantings scribblings musing of a mom of two young girls, who is an excellent writer, check out Nell. Her "Ask the experts" feature is a really creative take on raising kids. And I always get a giggle out of her posts, this being one of my faves.

    Okay, blogging break is over. Back to the boxes...

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