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  • Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    What kind of dog was "Napoleon" in the famous comic strip by Clifford McBride?

    Yeah, I didn't know either.

    From what song do the lyrics "Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins" come?

    Those questions, along with obscure John Wayne (and other) movie and pop culture references sunk us. Our pub quiz team, a.k.a. team "Childrens do learn... and gits elekted prezedent", placed second on Monday night. Our silver place finish earned us a $25 gift certificate towards our next bar tab, some t-shirts and various and sundry other bar-themed crap (anyone need a bottle opener necklace?).

    Of course, we rocked the political and literature questions. We knew who wrote The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Brokeback Mountain and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. What we didn't know was what Lisa "Left eye" Lopes looked like early in her career. Or Lauren Bush, for that matter.

    My moment of pride and valor came in response to the question that went something along the lines of "A quarter million followers of this religion in the United States refuse blood transfusions." I took on the whole team -- cajoled, wheedled, conned and convinced them into accepting my answer. No one thought I was right (except SM, of course), and many argued vehemently that another answer was correct. I pulled the old "humor me... give the newbie this one..." and somehow got them to give me the chance (which was surprising considering this was a bonus round question, worth 2x points).

    And I was less than a gracious victor when I was proven correct. In fact, I whooped and did an "in your face" mini-dance.

    Competitive much? In retrospect, it was kinda ugly. I'm kinda old for that. But at the time, it was all in good fun.

    And, we were all pleased to get the points.

    What made the evening really fun for SM was the happy coincidence of the Patriots playing on the television right in front of him. So he got pub quiz, beer and his fave football team winning all together. A near perfecta trifecta for him.

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