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  • Monday, September 24, 2007

    Monday morning haiku

    Up up and away
    Soaring higher than ever.
    A record: my weight.

    Yes, the diet starts today. I've had one meal on it. Is it too early to start complaining about my suffering? Yeah, I guess it is, especially since I'm reading all about horrors of World War II France. Hmmm, invading armies, your city being bombed, refugees walking to flee the city, war shortage of food? Now, there's a diet.

    So SM and I started this morning. The diet is a fairly strict regimen; it restricts our caloric intake tremendously, but we are allowed a decent amount of choice and flexibility within the restrictions. Boy are we learning how far beyond a single serving were our average meals. I mean, whoa. No wonder both of us are at our peak weights ever. Neither of us have visited this particular apex before, and neither of us are particularly happy about being here now.

    But then again, we allowed ourselves to get this way. We ate all that food and sat on our butts instead of exercising. So rather than continue to complain, we are trying to do something.

    Trying? No. That sounds like we expect to fail. We don't. We expect to lose, but not fail. We are doing something.

    Day one. Wish us luck and willpower!

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