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  • Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Been outta town

    SM and I took advantage of some cheap tickets and flew the coop to Southwestern Florida for the weekend. In truth, we had only about a day and half in the flower state, but it was nice to get out of DC.

    Basically, we ate, shopped, ate, looked at the water, ate, went miniature golfing, ate and came back. Get the sense that we like our food? In fact, we have organized entire vacations around food choices and restaurants (which we didn't actually do this time). The weather may not have cooperated (the full day we were there was overcast and rainy), but the food was quite good. We managed to have two really excellent meals down there (and one round of room service because I didn't feel up to going out).

    And we never made it to the beach, even though we were staying on the beach. I wasn't feeling so great on Saturday, so it's kinda my fault. But we had fun anyway. And we were able to sit on the balcony of our hotel and look out over the beach, including watching a beach wedding.

    A photographic recap of the weekend...

    Here is SM doing his Johnny Depp impersonation.

    Here is a shot from miniature golf. SM is posing by the elephant at my request. We considered doing a shot a la Scooter, but decided against it. Florida has some weird laws, and we didn't want to learn about them first hand (rimshot please!). But there was one gorilla, down on all fours, that well, it was tempting... but no. We're keeping this blog PG-13.

    By the way, SM won the golfing. By about 3 strokes despite my getting two holes in one (SM only got one). Clearly, I suck at miniature golf.

    And finally, ain't it romantic? A stroll, drive, cavort down Lover's Lane.

    Yeah, maybe not so much...

    (We were trying to think of alternative signs to put up... such as "no way out" or perhaps "do not enter"? But anything we could come up with still reduced us to giggling adolescents. Yeah, we're mature that way.)

    And now we're back. Glad to be home with the Gidge. Tomorrow both of us start a diet.


    No, seriously!

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