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  • Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Building in incentives

    SM and I have decided to up the ante for both of us, to give us both incentives to really do this thing...

    When SM loses 10 of the 15 lbs. that he's trying to shed (yeah, only 15, but he's doing this to support me in my efforts)... well, he gets 10 coupons for me to walk Gidget instead of him. If he hits 15 lbs. and keeps it off for 2 months, he gets a spa massage. If he keeps the weight off for 6 months, we're buying a new TV.

    As for me, the first ten gets me a haircut and color at a fancy schmancy salon, rather than my usual el-cheapo place. I get to treat myself, no guilt. I figure that's a good incentive, and it has the reinforcement that I'll probably feel better about myself afterwards. "I'll feel pretty... oh so pretty..."

    After the next 10 lbs. (at the 20# mark), I get the massage spa treatment. At 30, I get a new video iPod. I don't know what I get if I hit forty. A new wardrobe? Actually, I may still have my old one because, yes, I do hold on to things that long.

    It would be truly fantastic if I could lose 40 lbs. by my 40th birthday in early March. Since that's less than 6 months away, I think that it isn't realistic to try (not to mention probably unhealthy), but I'd like to be well down that path by then. I don't want to bring in a new decade looking like I've already given up on myself.

    And we've agreed that all of these goodies will be paid for out of our joint account.

    So there ya' have it. I'm shooting for a cut and a color. Only 7.5 more lbs. to go. I had better shake a tailfeather, though, if I'm going to drop those pounds. My complete lack of exercise (other than walking to the metro about 2/3rds a mile each way) has lead to the spread.

    And it ain't pretty.


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