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  • Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    I admit it.

    I've been checking our registry. Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be that much purchased so far. I'm wondering if that will change on Saturday (probably) and/or if we're getting a lotta cash...

    Not that I'm greedy.

    But, ya' know... who doesn't like wedding presents?

    And I'm very excited to see that someone is giving us a handheld GPS system. Oooh, cool! In fact, I was surprised to see how many of the more expensive items were bought -- the $400+ ones. I think we had about 5 items that were over $400, and three of them have been purchased already. We don't know if they are all group gifts or if we just have some very generous friends and family. At this point, I have stopped opening the presents that have arrived because I may have trouble keeping track of which were shower gifts (thank yous already sent) and which were wedding presents.

    Anyway, things are rolling along for Friday and Sunday. I have another dress fitting tonight and more running around to do. I picked up more beer last night and delivered it to my mother's house for safekeeping. We have one more beer run delivery on Saturday. I hope the Saturday delivery isn't skunked because it is coming in all the way from IA (in addition to the Fat Tire from MN and IL). But thanks to the generosity of these friends and family, we'll have enough beer for the reception and some left-over for SM to have at home too. Yay! I hope the beans aren't spilled between now and then. Shhh!

    And I'm off work tomorrow, another happy thing. Unfortunately, SM is sick and at home so he can beat this thing before Friday. He took both yesterday and today off, and I think the rest has helped. I hope so anyway.

    Hard to believe the big day is just two days out. Oh my!


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