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  • Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    The Pudge Report and other stuff

    You guessed it. Up again. Between conventioning and lots of stress eating, I have gained a few pounds. ::sigh::

    I've spent so much energy being angry about the work situation (yes, being away a week helped; no, it's not better; yes, the anger reared its ugly head again upon my return) that I feel spent.

    So, I'm just resigned right now. No energy to do anything about the weight thing. Sounds like a cop-out? Yup. It is. Maybe tomorrow I'll do something. Maybe. I guess I don't care. And I guess I'm just a little depressed about this whole situation.

    But, I can't let this situation fester and wipe me out. I've already identified several jobs for which I will apply, and I've gathered much of the paperwork. I need to pull a few more things together, but I have most of it. I'll feel better once I have things out and "in process". I'm the type of person who needs to take action; I am very bad at dealing with uncertainty and waiting.

    I've also gotten to the point of utter frustration that I have considered just quitting my job outright. I'll be giving up a lot to do that (not to mention that it makes interviewing that much worse -- "yes, I'm a quitter; when things are tough, I walk away..."), so you know if I quit without something else lined up, it's. that. bad.

    I'm probably not being all that smart, venting about work like this. So, this is the last pissed off post. If I am going to start a job search, I need to rein in my online presence and retain relative anonymity. So a few pictures and other identifiers may disappear from this blog. And if I get really nervous, I may pull down the entire blog. But I don't think it will get to that.

    Back to the grind...

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