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  • Friday, July 11, 2008

    The Fix agrees with me...


    And sorta doesn't.

    My maybe veeps to watch were Bayh, Bredesen, Edwards (Chet) and Kaine. This Fix proffered the following rank:

    5. Hillary Rodham Clinton

    4. Joe Biden

    3. Kathleen Sebelius

    2. Evan Bayh

    1. Tim Kaine.

    As I've stated, I don't think Obama will pick a woman. Joe Biden is an excellent idea. The other two were on my final four list. We'll see.

    (Of particular amusement, one of the commenters to The Fix column advocated for Senator Dodd. He urged us to think of the bumpersticker: Vote for Obama! Dodd is my co-pilot. Ba-ha-ha-ha!)

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