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  • Tuesday, July 08, 2008

    I'm back.

    From applying for a "marriage" license. Fortunately for me, I literally work across the street from the courthouse -- and know the less popular public entrance so I don't have to wait in line with all of those folks who are there for jury duty (the line runs out the door and down to the curb in the morning).

    It was very straight-forward. Not much wait at all, and the clerk was atypically friendly. I guess it would be a happy place to work, the office which issues the licenses for couples to get legally hitched... always dealing with folks who are probably very excited and happy and optimistically anticipatory. I'm guessing the divorce office is a bummer. Not-so-happy clients walking in the door (or, alternatively, some might be ecstatic).

    Anyway, I did the paperwork, paid the fee and will have to go back on Monday to pick up the actual license. Yay. Done in one morning and $85 later (for the bloodwork x 2 and the license).

    And I managed to do this errand on a quick break. Sadly, however, my stealth activities are not likely to remain so if I continue to drop the receipts for our bloodwork in the hall of the office such that a co-worker has to return them to me.

    Like I did on my way back.


    I didn't even realize I was missing them. But now, co-worker R knows that I had a blood test this morning. I don't know if he figured out why though (he may have; the wedding isn't exactly a secret)...


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