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  • Saturday, July 12, 2008


    is all about the wedding plans. I'm up at "going to work" hours, showered and shaved. Our first errand is to run over to my dad's place and meet my stepmom. We'll pick up some of the gifties that have been delivered there, and then we're off to the venue to discuss final plans. I think our reception is going to be about 140, which is completely manageable.

    After the consultation and finalizing and basic checking up, SM will drop me off to get a spray tan. Yes, a fake spray tan. I've never done this before, but I realized that my skin tone is pretty much the same color as my dress, and frankly, it looks crappy. I would look much better with a tan, but I'm not going to bake or invite cancer for it. Rather than bake it, I'll fake it. Fine with me. My sisters have done this before, and they didn't have problems. So this is a test run. If I like it, I'll do the follow-up for the wedding. Apparently, the tan only lasts a week or so, so I'll need to "layer".

    Tan in hand... well, hopefully not too much on my hands, I'll run off to dress fitting number 1, which is in reality the second dress. I found a dressmaker to copy a dress that I like. I have no idea how it will turn out, but I am optimistic. And then, off to dressmaker appointment number 2. This is the wedding dress that needs a tan.

    Somewhere in between all of that, we need to get to the mall to buy my a girdle for dress. Yes, a girdle to hold me in from jiggling. And yes, I've put on a few (three?) pounds over the last few weeks, so I'm concerned. It shouldn't make a difference, but I don't like the trend.

    Gotta get dressed and get outta here in a few minutes...


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