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  • Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    Things affecting my mood today...

    * The grass we planted in the side yard is starting to come in -- it's green and cheery and looks much better than the dirt spots. So that cheers me.

    * Hillary is de jure done (even though she was de facto done months ago), so I'm a bit sad about the fact that we won't have a female nominee. I'm even sadder that this campaign season has reinforced my belief that Americans will not elect a woman as president.

    * Obama is going. to. be. our next president. That's cool and happy.

    * I just got my period, so I'm crampy and grumpy and generally don't feel great.

    * I'm at work. Bleh.

    * But my boss is gone all morning, so that's happy.

    * SM's heinous bitch of a renter is mouthing off again and threatening him. She's the worst kind of bully. That makes me nauseous and angry.

    * We have a crack in our livingroom ceiling. In the past few weeks, it has grown. This morning, it cracked through, and now there is a piece of plaster hanging down. FUCK. We need to get that fixed, and I don't know if there's a structural issue. Augh.

    * I haven't had my coffee yet this morning because I woke up late. I need. me. some. joe.

    * Gonna get some now. :)

    So you can see, there's more stuff stressing me out than making me happy. I need some more happy right now. Got any?

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