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  • Tuesday, June 03, 2008

    The Pudge Report

    Okay, I admit it. I chickened out again last week. I didn't weigh-in. It was right after the long weekend, over which was my engagement BBQ, and a week of pigging out. I just didn't want to get on that scale. Big, fat (emphasis on the fat) chicken.

    But there's only two months until the wedding, and I've been in this holding pattern since January. Yes, five months in a holding pattern. Perhaps that means I won't lose anymore? Perhaps. But I am going to make one final try.

    I know, I know. You've heard it all before. Well, at least I've started with the exercise. A 4-mile walk yesterday, and I am planning another 2 or 3 mile walk tomorrow. (All this in addition to the usual 1.5 miles I walk for my commute.) So, that's a start at least. And I started back on the NS plan in earnest yesterday. And I was pretty good about it. So now I just need to stick with it.

    And also report out my numbers. And stop being a big, fat chicken (emphasis on the fat).

    So here we go.


    I am 15.5 TG, which is -29#s, which is a number I've crossed back and forth over many, many times. I think my lowest was -30#s, so I am doing relatively well, all things considered. But I don't want to keep revisiting the same numbers. I want to venture into new territory.

    I'd really like to break the -30 and stay there. Haven't done that yet, but that's my next goal.


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