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  • Thursday, May 29, 2008

    I was amused and appalled...

    And I really hope that I don't end up with a story to add to this list..!

    One of my favorites?
    Another egregious money story started in a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The bride and groom decided to go it alone and didn't invite any guests. Then the bride's cousin decided to get married. A friend of the cousin was throwing her a bridal shower. So how did the bride who had no guests at her wedding respond? Since she never had a bridal shower, she suggested that everyone at her cousin's shower bring a gift for her, too.
    Tacky, tacky.

    But sadly, I heard a story that can top all of those... Stop me if I've blogged about this before because I don't remember.

    Well, either way, here goes... A colleague told me about a long-ago friend of hers who got married here in the DC-metro area, which is far from her hometown on the other side of the country, but very close her to fiance's in Montgomery County. Fiance's family kinda took over the planning of the wedding and wouldn't let the bride be involved at all. Check that. She got to invite her family and pick out her wedding dress. I think that was it.

    It wasn't that she didn't want to plan her wedding or found it too hard being so far from her family and support system. The groom's family would. not. let. her. be. involved. Scary, eh?

    So, the planning went along, and the day of the big event arrived. Just before the nuptials, the groom's father pulled the groom aside and showed him a ledger. In that ledger was every dime the family had spent on the groom, meticulously recorded from pretty much the moment he was born. All of his clothing costs, tuition and other educational expenses, and, of course, the wedding, among other things.

    Father dearest then went on to inform HIS SON that he expected him to pay back every single cent. Father dearest's rationale was that he had sacrificed all his life for his son, and now that his son was independent, he expected him to support him through retirement for the rest of his life. Yup, basically, Father dearest had banked on his son as an investment to draw out as a pension. Father dearest had even devised a payment schedule.

    And he told him this, right before his wedding.

    And, of course, groom immediately told bride who promptly burst into tears, right before the wedding.

    What would you do? I mean, after throwing up from disgust?

    From what I understand, they did get married and they are paying Father Dearest back, despite the incredible hardship it was placed on them.

    I can't say that that would have been my choice. Fortunately for me, I won't be faced with that one. Nor, hopefully, some listed in the article I linked to above.

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