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  • Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Because I haven't memed in a while.

    This is from Scooter, who didn't tag me or anyone specifically. Just everyone generally. Like sneezing into a crowd and spreading germs indiscriminately.

    Or something like that.

    Seven random facts leading to tag seven others. Kinda like a pyramid scheme. Like Scooter, I shall not tag anyone specifically because, frankly, I doubt that I have seven readers.

    So here are seven random, supposedly previously undisclosed facts about moi. And, oh, I almost forgot... Scooter wants factoid number 7 to be somehow related to the number 7. Okie doke.

    1. My left leg, left foot, left boob but right hand are bigger than their equivalent parts on the other side. (How's that for random, Scooter?)

    2. The first rock concert I ever went to was the Police. I was in junior high school and went because my friend's older brother got tickets.

    3. I have driven a car in the United States, Canada, Japan and Jordan.

    4. I like Coke but not Pepsi.

    5. I can say swear words in Arabic.

    6. If I had more money than I needed -- and I mean excessively extra cash -- I would buy a few antique cars. And by that, I am not referring to my beautiful and soon to be classic 1988 Toyota Corolla GTS. I just love the old Ford Model Ts (and other similar vintage cars), the classic Thunderbirds, cars with fins, etc. Oooh, would that be fun.

    7. I got my ears pierced when I was seven, but only after begging my mom to let me get them done.

    And there ya' have it.


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