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  • Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Most insulting response yet.

    So we're having our engagement BBQ next weekend. My college roommate could not make the wedding. She was so disappointed (I guess because she had been waiting that long for me to get legal) that she said that she would definitely want to come to any other event we were organizing around the wedding -- an engagement party or shower, if we were having one.

    I hadn't even considered having an engagement party.

    But we wanted to see her and celebrate with her, so we decided to do an engagement BBQ. We chose the long Memorial Day weekend, which meant a bunch of local folks who were skipping town for the weekend would not make it, but it also meant that out-of-towners could.

    So that's next weekend.

    We're still getting RSVPs as folks make up their minds and their schedules. The most insulting response I've gotten so far to our invitation? Someone who may not be able to attend because she may have to clean out her father's storage unit. No, it's not a definite plan that's she's already committed to. Nothing like that. It's just something that she may be doing that day.

    I guess because she had nothing better to do, like, say, attend an engagement BBQ? Jeez.


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