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  • Monday, June 02, 2008

    A 7 bunny walk... or 3.5 bunnies per mile

    I had a small errand to do tonight. I had to drop off something about 2 miles away. So rather than drive, we decided to take a family walk. SM, Gidget and I walked there. About 2-something miles each way.

    On the walk there, I saw 7 bunny rabbits. It wasn't even like I was trying to spot them. They just were all around. Must be that time of year. Bunnies springing up and hopping all over. Very cute. Only one on the way back, but it was getting dark, so I couldn't see well. I think the one I saw was a repeat bunny anyway.

    It was a very nice walk. Towards the end of the return trip, the sun was basically down, and the bugs were out. That was uggy.

    But, hey, I got my exercise in for the day. 4 miles round trip plus the 1.5 miles I do everyday to commute. A good start for my new resolve to eat well and exercise.

    And we saved approximately 67 cents of gas! Woo-hoo!


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