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  • Saturday, May 31, 2008

    Tagged in perpetuity?

    Scooter writes that he has tagged me in perpetuity for all memes he posts. I just wanna know, does this mean we're going steady? If so, where's my ring?

    He then posted a meme, which wasn't too interesting (sorry, Scooter), so like all fickle partners in perpetuity, I'm skipping it. But then he posted another one, which is right up my ally... so here goes.

    Craft Meme - pass it along to anyone you know who has ever crafted, attempted to craft, or been the victim of a driveby crafting.

    Do you knit?
    Not really. I can do the very basics, but I have never finished anything. So I dabble at knitting, but not with any great regularity or success.

    Do you sew?
    Again, sorta. I know how to do the basics and have made simple costumes and clothes in the past, but I can't do anything fancy. I have decided that I might like to learn for real, though. I even put a sewing machine on my wedding registry. It's definitely the most "domestic" thing on there... right next to the Wii.

    Don't look it up. Don't. Look. It. Up. If you're reading this on someone else's blog, do this part mentally before continuing on. Define the following terms, and when you're done, put the answers at the very bottom of this meme: tatting, flocking, kerf and selvedge - make up a definition if you don't know. Add a crafting term you think is uncommon, but which you know, to the list for others to define.
    Okay, see below.

    What's your favorite craft store?
    Michael's, AC Moore or any number of online stores. I don't have favorites, but these are ones I frequent.

    Do you have a crafting hobby that is not knitting or sewing (what)?
    I used to do pottery, evidence of which is strewn around my house and those of family members. Also, I have taken clases in fused glass jewelry-making and stained glass window-making. I have painted flower pots, made paper, refinished furniture (as in stripped them and restained but also re-upholstered), made simple beaded jewelry (mostly earrings and necklaces)... hmmm, what else? Let me look around my house for a sec, and I may come up with more.

    Have you ever latch hooked anything? Is it still on display somewhere?
    Yes. And no. I never finished the panda rug that I started in about 3rd grade.

    Doll crafting. Why do they do it?
    'Cuz they're purty? My grandma does that.

    What was your favorite craft hobby as a child?

    Do you admit to crafting, or do you call it something else (like DIY)?
    Absolutely. I think it's a genetic thing. My mom did it. My grandmother (father's mother) all but made an industry out of it. My dad did the male version of it -- home projects that take large machines. I've even gotten SM to do some crafty stuff, and crafty just ain't his style.

    List everything you've tried from a crafting perspective.
    I don't think I can. It was be a very long list. The stuff I listed above... some woodworking. Painting (poorly). Needlepoint and some embroidery. Leatherwork (made a bag, and still have a large piece of uncut leather upstairs). Soap-making. Does photography count or is that more art than craft? I'm sure there's more because I like doing this kinda stuff. [Adding later, I've also made pine cone wreaths, pillows, and done some woodworking...]

    Ever been injured while crafting?
    Probably. Especially when working with glass. Them little shards are mighty pointy and painful when they jab ya'.

    Has anything you've crafted been displayed at a state fair, regional fair, county fair, 4-H meeting, or similar event?
    Does my mother's fridge count? No? Then, I'd have to answer probably not.

    Have you ever worn anything you bought at a crafting fair? (or anything someone bought you at a crafting fair)?
    Sure. Jewelry. Knit or woven items.

    What's the most interesting thing you've ever crafted?
    Interesting to me or others? Hard to say. Perhaps some of the jewelry?

    Have you ever sold your crafts?

    Have you given your crafts to others?
    Oh yea. My stuff is all over. Mostly the pottery 'cuz that was actually not too bad. [And pine cone wreaths -- I made a bunch one year for Christmas.]

    If you could instantly gain a crafting ability what would it be?
    Carving. And possibly sewing.

    And what would you make?

    For whom?
    Me, of course.

    Do you have a relative who has crafted something that's considered a family (or personal) treasure?
    Oh yea. My grandmother has made Japanese dolls, ripped paper pictures (another traditional Japanese art, chigirie), and a bunch of other Japanese traditional arts/crafts which I cannot really describe and don't even know the Japanese names. She has also painted. We have an abstract painting she made in the 1950s hanging in our livingroom. My mom used to silkscreen all of our Christmas cards for years. She would design and print them. I have to say, they were really amazing. In fact, she has done pretty much every kind of craft under the sun: ceramics, dried flower pictures, flower-arranging, candle-making, paper mache, sculpting, painting, sewing, crocheting... you name it. She was a crafting maniac (not so much anymore) -- and really very good at all of it. SM's stepmother is a quilter, and I bet we get one for an anniversary or something. My mom used to sew (she made her own wedding dress and that of my aunt, too), but I don't have any clothes she made because I stopped wearing them when polyester knit when out of style. SM's grandfather also made him a bookcase. My grandmother made my mother a wood box for her silverware. I told her I want it when she no longer needs it. There may be more. Like I said, many people in my family are really crafty, but only as a hobby.

    Before you look, how many pictures do you suspect are listed by Google related to the craft of sock monkeys?
    Where did you come up with that question, Scooter? And why?

    Explain your personal, presumably ad hoc, opinion about people who virtually craft in virtual worlds (like World of Warcraft)? Is it crafting?
    No. I am not even sure what that is, but if it's virtual, it's not crafting.

    You're trapped in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. What crafting skill would you refuse to learn despite having infinite time to learn it?
    Cross-stitch. Too much work and painstaking attention for very little progress. I mean, it takes hours to produce a few inches. I'm not patient enough for that. I need more bang for my buck. I need greater demonstrable results for my effort. That's why I like stuff like pottery. You can see what you make fairly quickly.

    1. tatting - it has something to do with needlework, but I don't know what.
    2. flocking - isn't that what seagulls do?
    3. kerf - what a group of Smurfs are called... ya' like "a pride of lions; a gaggle of geese; a kerf of Smurfs".
    4. selvedge - the state of self-imposed servitude you feel because you must complete a craft project that you've started.

    And here's my addition:
    5. crewelwork - something my mother used to do when I was a child (true statement).

    I tag all of my crafty blogger friends --like Zuska... I know there are more of you out there!

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