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  • Tuesday, June 03, 2008

    Another meme from Scooter

    This time it's about monkeys. I think he made this one up. It's kinda weird. He must be bored or something.

    Well, since I was born in the year of the monkey (as was he -- we're both 40 this year), I decided to do it.

    Here goes...

    Name a Monkey
    The name of a monkey or a kind of a monkey? How about rhesus monkey (not to be confused with a Reese's monkey)? Ain't they cute?

    What's a Humanzee?
    A person who drives a Camaro. Oh wait, that's an Iroc-Z.

    Sock monkey - love 'em, or hate 'em?
    They're creepy, dude.

    Anatomically correct sock monkey (perhaps NSFW) - love 'em, or hate 'em? Literally?
    Wouldn't even know about them but for Scooter. Yeah, thanks for the education. I could have lived my entire life without seeing sock monkey testicles and been just fine. Oh, the humanity!

    Favorite monkey movie?
    I don't have favorites.

    Lancelot Link. Have you ever even heard of it?
    Secret chimp? Sure thing. I grew up watching TV.

    Evolution or Creationism?
    They don't even belong in the same train of thought. Don't get me started.

    Monkey testing?
    What a horrible thought, let alone practice. So, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Monkeys in space?
    Why? Only if it's a new sit-com or a Mel Brooks' movie.

    Helper monkeys?
    Kinda creepy, but if they can help someone live more functionally, then okay.

    100 Monkey Theory? Believe it?
    Don't even know what that is. (I just googled it, and even though it's based on Japanese research, I still didn't know about it.)

    12 Monkeys?
    Nope. Never saw it.

    Gorillas in the Mist or Every Which Way But Loose?
    I studied anthropology as an undergrad, so I'll take Sigourney Weaver over Clint Eastwood.

    Funniest Ape/Monkey related moment?
    Hey, how did you hear about last Saturday night??? Oh, um, you mean the movies? Or TV? In that case, I got nuthin'.

    Posts in which I mention apes?
    None? I'll have to check. [answer: 0]

    Posts in which I mention monkey?
    Many, because I was born in the year of the monkey. Again, I'll have to check. [answer: 6]

    Monkeys or apes?
    Monkeys. (Because it's just not as cool to walk arm in arm and sing, "Hey, hey, I'm an ape.")

    War Games?
    Huh? As in "Shall we play a game?"? I don't get what that has to do with monkeys.

    Name another ape.
    Do you mean a "Magilla Gorilla" answer or something along the lines of "orangutan"?

    Most peculiar monkey/ape page you can find?
    Simian Crease listed on IMDB as a person. Ummm... maybe a joke, ya' think??


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