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  • Monday, June 09, 2008

    And the asshole award goes to...

    Someone who was invited to my wedding reception (invitations sent out over a month ago) has scheduled an event directly in conflict with it. Same date, same time, different location.

    He was fucking invited to my reception -- and has now created another event that will create conflicts for about a dozen or so guests, who, ordinarily, would have liked to attend both. Dick.

    To add insult to injury... my dad used to be the chair of the organization that is putting on this event. And I have also helped them in innumerable ways. So, not only is my invited guest giving us the big F-U by scheduling the conflict, but he is also personally disrespecting my family.

    Unfucking real. All he had to do was schedule his event a few hours later, and all would have been fine.

    Can you tell I'm beyond pissed?

    UPDATE: I emailed him today with something to the effect of "I guess this means you won't be attending... Too bad about the conflict." I didn't want to be a complete jerk in writing that, but I also wanted to let him know that I knew. He wrote back and said that they may be changing the date of the event because there are a number of conflicts. So, we'll see. But I still stand by assessment of his asshole-ocity.

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