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  • Saturday, March 29, 2008

    Scooter's add-ons...

    Scooter posted a mighty meme over at his blog. Not only did he answer the meme below, but he provided context through a narrative. Wow, that's a freakin' long post.

    He must be really bored. (Scooter, hope Eryn and PTW come home soon!)

    He also added the following questions to make this an even uber-er long meme (of which, the second question was CLEARLY directed at ah-hem, me...thanks!):

    (x) Biked at least 100 miles in a day [I'm checking this because even though I haven't biked 100 miles a day, I have done a century ride on a mountain bike. I did the 100 km version but since it was on a mountain bike, I was pushing a lotta extra rubber on the road.]
    (X) Turned 40 [yes, thanks, earlier this month -- but I still look younger than you, Scooter! :)]
    (X) Forged a signature on something [my dad's name on release slips for absences in high school; my mom's signature is waaaay too neat and consistent to forge (even my mom says so).]


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