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  • Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    My eeeeuw moment of the morning

    SM gets up and out earlier than I do. Always. His usual wake-up time is 6:00. He has a leisurely breakfast, walks the dog, reads the paper, showers, etc. and then he's out the door at 8:00. It's relaxing time for him.

    Getting up early is not a problem for SM. He's a morning person. Me? It would kill me. I tend to sleep in until the last possible second. I forgo makeup and opt for a ponytail for the extra two minutes it gives me to sleep. I'm a night person. I would rather stay up until 5:00 am then get up at 5:00 am.

    Today, SM had to be at work a bit early, so he got up at 5:00. Part of his routine is to make the coffee. We now have this awesome coffeemaker that doesn't use a pot on a warmer but rather an urn. This one. It holds the coffee in a warmer and then you serve yourself one mug at a time. The coffee doesn't go stale as quickly. So SM can make a pot for himself when he gets up and then I can have some when I get up, um, a bit later, without making a new pot (with our old coffeemaker, the coffee would have been baked by the time I got up). That's part of our usual routine.

    So, I went to get coffee this morning and saw that the coffeemaker was off. I remembered that SM had gotten up extra early today and figured that it had just switched off. So I did what I sometimes do and poured water into the reserve and turned the coffeemaker on again to brew a bit more coffee using the existing grinds -- and warm what was already in the "pot". Then I poured myself some coffee and added some milk. It wasn't very warm, so I put my mug in the microwave for a few seconds. Then I took it upstairs with me. I had one sip when I remembered that SM told me that he had left the milk for me (because we are low and he wanted to make sure I had enough for my breakfast -- isn't that sweet?). That means that SM didn't have his coffee this morning. That means that he didn't make coffee this morning. That means that the pot in the maker was leftover from yesterday morning.


    I didn't finish my mug.

    I need coffee badly now.

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