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  • Monday, February 25, 2008

    Here's our invitation...

    From a do-it-yourself packet I bought at the store. Purple text printed on vellum, ribbon-tied to handmade (not by me) paper.

    I really like it, although it will be pretty labor-intensive for me to put them all together.

    Whatcha' think?

    You may notice the non-traditional wording of the invitation. We are assiduously attempting to avoid the word "marriage" (as well as all the patriarchal crap). We don't like how it's been co-opted by the religious right -- nor will we have any religion in actual ceremony -- so it makes sense not to use the M-word. Wedding, yes. Husband/wife, yes. Hitched, tied the knot, unionized -- all yes. Not the M-word. We're both very pleased with the tone this conveys. And I think the wording really captures the essence of "us".

    I'm also doing the "save the date" postcards myself... and, well, pretty much everything. Today, we went to the mall and took six sets of pictures in the photo booth -- you know, the things you went to in high school to take silly snapshots with your friends? We had so much fun taking all these pix, one of which will be our official "engagement photo" (which will probably make my mother roll her eyes and cringe). Here's the strip I photoshopped together to use for the save the date cards.

    I have to admit -- it's been fun doing all of this.


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