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  • Monday, February 25, 2008


    So I think I've decided to donate my hair after the wedding. And yes, I think that may be my annual birthday charity donation.

    It's kind of a cop-out since it really takes no effort whatsoever for me to do this, but then again, a foot of my hair will make quite a difference to someone else. I figure that with the wedding, I just don't want to add the pressure of another event/activity. I'm doing much of the wedding myself, along with family and friends, so one less thing to worry about this year is good.

    Also, while this is admittedly not much, we are also using our wedding as a means for supporting two worthwhile charities (the civil rights organization where I used to work and the animal shelter from which we adopted Gidget). The I Do Foundation is a website that provides all sorts of ways to support charities -- by straight donations, by donations of a percentage of items purchased through the site and when you use their vendors to buys stuff for your wedding (such as invitations or favors). The catch is that any purchases have to go through this portal, which is simple enough. With everyone using online registries, this is a no-brainer for most people. Indeed, I wonder if anyone will go to a store to shop off of our registry? I somehow doubt it.

    Anyway, I definitely think this site and others like it are a great way to make the massive spending involved in weddings go further than just that particular day/event.

    And if anyone is wondering, we definitely discussed whether or not to register. We really don't need much, and the stuff we do need -- driveway? new gutters? front storm door? -- you can't put on a registry. We decided, however, that people are going to want to give us gifts, no matter what, so it's best to provide guidance rather than end up with more crap that we don't want and can't return. Oh, we know we'll still get that crap, but this way, we can minimize it, hopefully. And we also figure that there are people invited to this wedding who would not feel comfortable giving us cash (our preference) but who will want to buy something, so this is the best solution.

    So far, we've registered for such sexy items as an intercom system, a snow thrower, a leaf blower, a safe, a Wii (actually, that is pretty sexy), some knives and a mixer. Since we already have more than a household full of stuff, we need to figure out what we actually do need or want to upgrade. I'm guessing I'll register for a nice duvet and sheets (because I would never spend a lot of money on something like that, but it does make a good wedding gift) and maybe silver (because when else would I buy that?). What I'd really like to get is a subscription to a cleaning service for a year and 10 hours of a handyperson to fix things around the house.

    Anyone know where I can register for those services or get a gift certificate?

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