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  • Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    The Pudge Report


    I was quite anxious about this morning's weigh-in. I was off the program from Friday through yesterday and basically made a huge hog out of myself -- holiday parties, guests over, snacking on sweets, etc. I didn't want to see the repercussions of my oinkishness. I wanted to go back to my favorite place -- denial.

    But no. That's not what this little journey is about. Even if I am going to deviate from the program, I need to maintain accountability.

    So on the scale I went. Kinda squinting my eyes to avoid the glare of reality and my actions.

    But ya' know what? I'm down another 1.5 pounds this week, for a total of -24 lbs.

    I'm completely baffled as to how that happened. I have no idea how that 1.5 pounds came off.

    Completely bizarre. Happy but bizarre, which helps keep the motivation level up.

    Now for breakfast. Yes, on the program. I have an August date with a skinnier me to make!


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