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  • Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Honne and tatemae

    Honne and tatemae... but in my case, I'm doing it backwards. Maybe it's because I'm Japanese American or because I'm also Croatian (American) that I've got it all screwy. Or not. But whatever the explanation, instead of sharing more with my inside circle, unblague readers know more about what's going on in my life head than my family and my interact-with-on-a-daily-basis friends.

    There are some folks who know me in real life, who knew me before I blogged. Such as Liz (with whom I attended undergrad) and Eric (who I know through my previous work). And then there are some I've met because of this blog (shout out to Denise and ambib) and others whom I consider blogger friends but never met (yo, Scooter!)... and still others with whom I know I have a lot in common and enjoy reading/getting to know (pretty much everyone else on my bloglist).

    So why is it that I haven't advertised, announced or otherwise publicized my blog to my family or other friends?

    Good freakin' question. Ji-in over at Twice the Rice sorta asks it as well.

    I think in my case, I'm covert with this blog because I didn't know -- and am not sure I do even now -- what exactly what I'm doing here. Why did I start blogging? Why am I writing? What's the point of all this?

    I think mainly it's an outlet for whatever is crossing my brain at the moment. Some of my posts have some serious thought behind them (whether it's evident to the reader or not!) and some have next to none. So basically, it all started as a medium of self-expression, to rant and rave and sometimes celebrate and brag.

    Narcissistic, I suppose. Definitely an outlet. I've always found that writing helps me to work through whatever is on my mind. I sporatically kept a diary growing up, so I guess this is a contemporary version of a sort. And it's probably no coincidence that site started while I was in law school (the antidote to creativity).

    But somewhere along the way, I picked up readers. (I still don't know how a bunch of you found me -- if you care to share, please, please do!) And even though I never really cared about number of hits or traffic, I'm glad to have made blogger friends. And I am still blogging after law school because I find I still have stuff to rant about -- as you all well know -- and frankly, it's fun.

    Welcome to my honne.

    We'll see about outting myself to my family, though. We'll see.

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